About Ringing Bell Press

Experts disagree on how to best define “knowledge.” We like to think of knowledge as that which brings us closer to the Truth. Whether it is an outward exploration of the origins of the universe, an inner journey of the undiscovered self, or meditations on the beauty of a Magnolia blossom; our lives—our meaning—are formed and informed by this gradual unfolding of knowledge in our lives.

Current conventional thinking is saying that the internet is “dumbing-down” discourse, the quality of information and our effectiveness at communicating. We are seeing a quite different phenomenon in this World Wide Wilderness: a surprising number of articulate, expressive voices with something of great value to share. Frankly, we find it exciting that the internet is not only providing the technology for isolated voices in this wilderness to share, but at the wealth of intelligent voices utilizing those technologies. We see it as fertile ground for book publishing, especially digital book (eBook) publishing. Moreover, we want to provide a platform, a channel, for those voices through digital publishing.

This is our mission: To assist those with stories to tell, with knowledge to share, with wisdom to impart, to find their voice and to channel their message to their unique audience.

Ringing Bell Press offers a range of publishing services, in addition to traditional publisher relationships with authors to help you find the best avenue, at the best cost, for your knowledge to be shared.

We offer a flexible range of services with particular emphasis on publishing on the Kindle, (Digital Text) Platform. Our clients are free to choose which services they would like Ringing Bell Press to provide and which they would like to fulfill themselves. Additionally for select manuscripts, Ringing Bell Press will publish work under the Ringing Bell Press imprint.

Please visit our Services and Submissions pages for more details.

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